Friday, December 01, 2006

Slammed by Snow!

Wow, they weren't kidding about the weather this time. As of ten o'clock last night, there wasn't a flurry to be seen here in Pewaukee. I decided to go to the store just to get some basics, and they were completely sold out of milk. Not a gallon or a quart in sight. Apparently people were freaking out about the impending blizzard. Luckily I have about four gallons in the downstairs fridge, so I wasn't worried. I bought my stuff (including the last of two car window scrapers) and then I went home, and we went to bed.

We woke up this morning to this:

Naturally they've cancelled all the schools, and naturally, workaholic Hubby just left ten minutes ago to brave the drive Downtown, which they've dubbed with a BLIZZARD warning. I told him to call me the second he puts his big toe in the office.

I'm kind of laughing at my neighbors, though, they are out there, diligently shoveling their driveway, and in two hours it will be all snowed up again. But hey, they're bonding, I guess.

I had to call in to work, I have already tried the two babysitters I trust and they have both been snatched up already. I can't think of anyone to watch my kids, who doesn't live 40 miles away. Not a good sign. My kids are excited to go out and make snowmen and snow angels, but I told them not until the snow finished falling, around noon.

The only major stresser is our Church Christmas party (which I'm directing the music for and must be there) is tonight and I have to drive 40 miles there. I wonder if they will cancel it. So many people have to drive long distances to our little church, which is in Wales (a.k.a. BFE SIBERIA) Wisconsin. Should be pretty interesting.

If I don't blog tomorrow you'll know I'm in a ditch somewhere. Let's hope they get smart and cancel it.

Cross your fingers for me...


Lowa said...

Wow, that is GORGEOUS!

Weather like this isn't common there in Wisconsin?? Our kids were just out for most of this past week because of about two inches. Since I grew up in three feet of the stuff in Canada, that amuses me. We NEVER would have gone to school or church if that was the case.

Hope you have fun in the snow with your kids and that the church party is cancelled!

Colin said...

Holy Moly!!! Snowball fight anyone?!? :-D

Michelle Miles said...

Hopefully they will cancel but you better be careful if you decide to go.

The snow is lovely. We got snow yesterday! Okay, so it was only a dusting, but you know... this IS Texas... :)

Lara said...

Well, the snow has officially stopped, which means they will probably have the roads clear by the time I need to go tonight. The Wisconsin DOT guys are SUPER efficient, because, after all, this IS Wisconsin.
But the wind is blowing like crazy up here. My backyard looks like the Sahara.