Monday, December 11, 2006

The Doldrums of Sickyness... Thing Two would put it. We were all sick this weekend, with assorted ailments. Hubby and I have nasty head colds (only I, being pregnant, can't take ANYTHING for mine) and Thing One had the stomach flu over the weekend. At least she was clean about it. She made it to the toilet every time, and I quarrantined her to her room for the entire Saturday. She seems fine now, if not a little peaky.

I folded about 4 o'clock this morning and took some regular strength Tylenol, for my sore throat. Today should be fun. But I always feel worse in the morning, and I feel better during the day. USUALLY. We'll see.

We obviously didn't go anywhere this weekend, we just stayed in our PJ's and layed around. Hubby did laundry and tidied up for me while I was at church--I had to go because I was a speaker during Sacrament Meeting, and the primary kids were laughing at me because I was croaking like a frog when I was trying to teach them a Christmas song and singing it to them. But when I came home I had a clean kitchen and Hubby had the kids all diligently cleaning for me. It was very nice.

It's been warmer here...about 40 degrees. It's pretty sad, but it feels WARM compared to the single digits and windchill we've been having. I am only running to Target this morning, and then I'm going to sequester myself in the basement, so I can move all the boxes around so our shelf guy can bring all his things down there and build shelves tomorrow.
No work today, but I work another LONG shift tomorrow. I have to say the Belly is starting to make things miserable. But I always push through. I'm NOT a quitter.

I just remembered it's Garbage Day. Time to get the kids working on it!

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Michelle Miles said...

I hope you get well soon! Having a cold is bad enough, but when you can't take ANYTHING for it... blah!

It's warm here too - it's going to be nearly 70 today. Go figure.