Thursday, December 14, 2006

Today is the DAY!

We get to find out what the little tyke's sex is. I have the 20-week ultrasound this afternoon--Hubby is getting off work early so he can see it with me. I just hope the baby cooperates! With Thing One, we were trying to determine it and she had her butt to us the whole time, and we didn't find out until a later ultrasound.

I just want a healthy baby, although a boy would be nice. :-) They're easier. (oops, did I really write that out loud?) *Ahem* As I was saying, I'm game for anything.

Today is WRAPPING and MAILING day. Lots of packages to get out, and I'm waiting for plumbers until noon, so I have time to do it all. That's the only thing about having a new house I don't like. Little things go wrong and you have to call people in to fix them, and it really puts a crimp in your day. Oh well, I shouldn't complain, and BE GLAD that we're still under warranty.

I am REALLY cranky today. I hardly slept AGAIN, and my throat hurts now. Ugh. Although my OB yesterday said I could take Sudafed if I was really desperate. I am going to sterilize the sheets and everything today, so we can get better. I mean, good grief! We are holding onto these colds way too long! I have no desire to bake, no desire to cook, and I just want to curl up in front of a fire with herbal tea. I'm a mess.

Okay, now that I've throroughly depressed you all, I have school lunches to pack.
Or maybe they can take HOT lunch today...


Michelle Miles said...

I can't wait to find out what you're having, too! :)

Feel better soon!!

Lara said...

My personal favorite concoction is Lemon Zinger with honey. It always helps! I'm still trying to convert Hubby to it, but he thinks he's too manly to drink tea!

I tell him that millions of Scots and Irish men drink tea...he needs to get with the times! I think he'll get desperate enough one of these days. :-)

Anonymous said...

Good luck!! I hope for boys too...

Make sure you are all drinking plenty of water! And Vitamin C. And wash hands religiously!

Anonymous said...

Happy day, Lara! What if it's twins?