Thursday, November 30, 2006

Introducing: The Gingerbread…HOVEL…

Okay, this is slightly embarrassing. We decorated our Gingerbread House last night. At least, it was supposed to be a house. Apparently the gingerbread kit I got was SO fresh, one side of the roof caved in after we decorated it. The weight of too many gumdrops I suppose.
Hence, we have more of a hovel, than a house. But it was fun putting it together and eating more gumdrops than we put on it.
It’s truly a mess, but the kids had a blast. And you can get the kits for $9.99 at Target. Fun!

And on a sour note, I'm experiencing my first pangs of of what we Retail People call Holiday Jeer. It’s all coming back to me now, as I’ve been working at this store.

I worked retail for years and years, and I remember HATING Christmas. Christmas to me was just tired feet and endless hours of bitchy customers and Floor moves and re-arranging floor displays when they sold out. Not to mention the endless stocking of merchandise and calls to deal with upset customers.

I am seeing such people at my work now. Tired, burned-out “over it” people, and they just want the Holidays to be over.
Since little pee-on me just works about four or five hours a day, I can afford to have a little Holiday cheer. But these poor souls who put in long days, all I can say is UGH. I remember those days, and may they always remain in my memory only. May I never have to re-live them. Luckily the store I’m working at is pretty well run. Not too much chaos.

Oh, and a note to shoppers…please, don’t be a piggy and leave all your clothes inside the fitting room—inside-out on the floor. We will curse your name and stick pins in Voodoo dolls that resemble you. You SUCK when you leave those kinds of messes for us Fitting Room people. Yeah, we may seem cheerful, and unperturbed by it all, but we really REALLY hate lazy people like you. While we’re smiling at you, we secretly want to run at you and push you over a very jagged cliff.
Just in case you wondered.

Time to get going! Just one question: Why is it that all my really comfy shoes are older than my kids, and out of style? Why is fashion so uncomfortable these days? We went and bought me some “comfy” shoes, and my feet are worse off than before. Maybe it's because my toes don't naturally go to a point, and DO NOT enjoy feeling like they're being pushed through the end of a ball-point pen.



Michelle Miles said...

I NEVER leave clothes in a fitting room. EVER. If it doesn't fit, I put it back on the rack myself.

And as for the shoe thing - I have great dislike for the pointy toe fashion. They are not comfortable at all and I feel like I'm wearing big floppy clown shoes.

(However, some pointy shoes are okay - you just have to watch out for the over-point LOL)

Michelle Miles said...

PS - I agree with Devon. The all weather mocs from Land's End are GREAT. And the Enzo Angiolini sytle "Liberty" is WONDERFUL (flat). Super comfy I found a pair at DSW this weekend for $45.

Lowa said...

There are all kinds of people in this world, eh?? I am the same as Michelle (if I go shopping, which I despise and try to avoid) and hang things up.

Which brings me to a question ~ Does THAT bother you guys?? The people who work there almost seem upset when I do that. Sometimes, just to make them happy, I give it back to them to deal with. But mainly, I insist on going and hanging it up from where I got it. They seem to think this odd and I wondered why?? Am I somehow making MORE work for them?? Because that is the very thing I am trying to avoid.

I actually overheard someone once, claiming, "That is their job, just leave it. It is what they are paid for, make them work for their money." *I* was irate and horrified, I can't imagine how the people who actually worked there felt!?? Some people are just...I dunno the word.

Sorry about the shoes. I own four pairs (one for each season, I guess) and really need to go and get more. it has been years since I got anything new and I think it is time. The heel came off one and there are three holes in another pair...I just HATE SHOPPING and am trying to get by without! LOL Hope you find some!