Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I suspect this might be some sort of record for me...not blogging for an entire week is so...unlike me. I usually have something to say.
But then again, I usually have the TIME to say it.

This past week was busy, crazy, fun, and draining, all wrapped into one. Yesterday was not-so-fun because Hubby was home sick (we suspected flu but he's better and on his way to work today) and I had to work yesterday.

So, the highlights of last week: we convect-roasted our 20-pound turkey in half the normal time, and I have to say, it was delectable. I even took pictures. I'll spare the vegans among you and I won't post them, but let me say, the turkey was perfect.

Another highlight: can I just say that I'm a bit hoarse and I have shin splints from jumping around and screaming at the tail end of what was probably the BEST BYU/U of U Game ever? I was so stressed at the end, I was on the sofa, cowering under the blanket with one eye peeking out at that last play, and when it was over I was hitting the ceiling. (Can I just say I've never actually moshed with my In-Laws before? It was weird.)
But the game was Amazing. It reminded me of the "old days", when no matter what, it seemed BYU could pull it out. What a great game.

We got a lot of shopping done, spent insane amounts of money, and basically had a blast. I guess that's what you do this time of year. I am determined to get Christmas cards out this year...maybe not with a family picture this time because with Hubby's work there's about 500 to send out, but I want to let people know I care, you know?

I'm off work today (my only day off this week) and I want to get our main tree up. I'm only doing three trees this year. The BIG One, the "Front Show Window" one, and the upstairs "Hi Look At Me" one. That's it.

Oh, and Hubby and FIL did the Griswald Christmas light thing...our house is now covered in these huge snowflake icicle lights. It only took them two days. And I drew the line at doing the upper roof, because it was too high and too stressful. But it sure is pretty.

Time to run to Target! I need to see if they have any Gingerbread House Kits left. Man, I love the holidays!


Michelle Miles said...

Sounds like you had a great holiday! :)

Lara said...

Sure! But I have to warn you, the flash always makes them look "Weird."

Anonymous said...

The game WAS incredible. I have never seen so many grown men acting so crazy in my entire life. They were running around, screaming, hugging each other...it was insane. I was laughing my head off. If only I had a camera!

Lowa said...

How many trees do you normally do!?!?

Have you seen "Deck the Halls" yet?? It is really a great family holiday movie, except for some...stuff. Thing One may get some of it but I am sure most of it will be over the boys' heads. Possibly Thing One's as well. The stuff I am talking about is hysterical to us adults, but I was a tad annoyed that it was rated so low. I don't want to ruin it, but if you see it, you will know what I mean. I am sure your kids will love it!

Did you see "Flushed Away" yet?? I can't remember if you said. I am wanting to see it, but kinda wondered what you thought before I spend the money.

Lara said...

Laura, let's just say, if it's "PG" or below, I've seen it! Deck the Halls was a Travesty, at best, according to my entire family, but the kids and I had more than a few laughs over it. Flushed away was great, if you like to hear Hugh Jackman sing. :-)
I personally love it when slugs sing, but that's just me.

Lowa said...

Ok cool, so you know what I am talking about in Deck the Halls. Washing eyes out with holy water. Danny DeVito warming Matthew Broderick up under the sleeping bag and especially when Danny's wife told Matthew not to put his little friend away on their account. OH MAN! I LOVED IT! Glad you and your kids did, too.

Ok cool. I think I may take the kids to see Flushed Away on Thursday after their dental appointments and their photo with Santa at the mall. We are skipping school for this! Thanks for letting me know:)

Hope you are feeling well. I am still in awe that you are functioning and not hugging the toilet as I always did. Till I got too large to kneel or hug anything! LOL