Friday, November 10, 2006

No Work Today!! WOO!

Today is weird, because I've gotten so used to flying around on my broomstick every morning, so I can get to work at 8am. I'm off today, and the kids are out of school, and we just had waffles to celebrate. (Poor Hubby. He had Total Raisin Bran before he left.)
I told the kids: "You'd better sleep in today!" Turns out they woke up at their normal time...6:30, but they played quietly in their rooms and let me sleep. Sweethearts.

So BYU SPANKED Wyoming 55-7 last night. We don't get the game here, but we had the realtime scoreboard and while we were sitting around Hubby had the laptop and was giving us a play-by-play. It was hilarious. I was thinking of those poor cheerleaders...all the times they had to do the Fight Song. (hee hee).
I remember a few games in High School, (yes, I admit to being a cheerleader) one football game in particular, we seemed to get a lot of touchdowns. Soon I felt like if I had to do the fight song one more time, my arms would fall off. And of course it didn't help that the band hated us (and us them) and they played the Fight Song at Mach 10 just to piss us off. Ah, those were the days!

Today is "knock out the house" day. I've unpacked everything on the first and second floors, now it's time to organize, clean, set, and finish. The kids are responsible for cleaning their own rooms and making their beds (we have central vac, and they're always begging me to vacuum, so I'll let them) and I'll take care of the Guest room, Kitchen, dining room, formal dining, Great room and entryway and Master. Hmmm, maybe I'll have them help me a little. ;-) I have a lot to do!

This weekend we are finally getting to see "Flushed Away" and next weekend I'll let the kids drag me to "Happy Feet" but only because the trailer for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will be debuting before the movie. July can't come soon enough!

I have a funny Harry Potter story to tell. My brother, who is "too cool" for Potter (aka he's never read the books and is suffering in ignorance) called me up a few weeks ago and asked me if I could recommend some good reading material. Of course the first words out of my mouth were "Have you read any of the Harry Potter books?" He hemmed and hawed and said he really wasn't "into that sort of stuff," which is EXACTLY what I said four years ago when *I* was "too cool" to read Potter.
I told him to go and buy the first book, and give it 1/2 an hour of reading. If he still wasn't interested, fine. He promised me he would.
So, a week and a half passed by, and I called him, and we made small talk, and I finally asked him, "so, did you try reading the first Harry Potter book?" His response:

"Oh, that. I've already read that and Chamber of Secrets and I'm halfway through Prisoner of Azkaban."

I laughed and laughed and laughed at him. He sheepishly admitted that he was hooked after the first chapter, and he was no longer "embarrassed" to buy the books at the bookstore. As of now he's read all of the first five books and he's "gathering his strength" to read the sixth book.

Another one bites the dust. I knew he'd like it. But I digress.

Hope everyone has a relaxing weekend, and to NaNoer's: keep it up! My hat is off to you guys!


Anonymous said...

I forgot how much the band hated us! We should have staged a sit-in protest on the wall at Albi rather than flap our arms like marionettes on meth. Your waffles sound good! Have fun cleaning! At least you have central vac--cool!

Lara said...

"Marionettes on Meth"