Monday, November 06, 2006

Sickie Weekend...

Well, that was one weekend I could have done without. The boys and I had sore throats and stuffy noses (and thing Two had a fever and a wonky pink eye) all of Saturday and Sunay. And Hubby and Thing One spent the weekend staying away from us, so they wouldn't get sick.
At least the boys could take Motrin and cold medicine. I couldn't take anything, because of the baby. And I am not exactly a "tough" sick person. I did my share of whining this weekend.

Hubby just left for NYC. He'll be there until the end of the week. Yes, he was just in L.A. Don't worry, he's got a trip next week too. But it's only three days, instead of five.

I have to work every day this week except Wednesday. Wow. It must be the holidays again! I'll have to resurrect my "Retail Woes" blogs from a couple of years ago one of these days. Maybe I'll post them on my website for your reading enjoyment. Few people realize the hell retail people go through during the Holiday Rush. It's indescribable. It's like being in a SAW Movie, and nearly twice as painful.

Speaking of the SAW movies, my daughter was telling me about one of her friends at school, a boy; and he was asking her if she'd seen SAW III yet. She told him she wasn't allowed to watch rated R movies, and he replied: "I just saw it with my parents. It was SOOO cool!"

Okay. This boy is eight years old. I have read about the SAW movies, and frankly, it makes me sick. And this young kid is watching them? Shame on his parents. I'm sorry, but I would never let my kids watch a movie where some deranged butcher named Jigsaw tortures/mutilates/chops up people for the sheer enjoyment of it. NO SIR.

I told Thing One to be wary of this boy. I'm sure he's a nice kid, but if he is so desensitized as to think a movie like that is "cool," well, I worry for him.

And yes, I'm overprotective. It's my right as a parent.

Well, time to go have some lemon herbal tea with honey and get the kids off to school! I hope I don't have this cold for long.



Lowa said...

I have never worked retail, but I do have a huge respect for anyone who does!

It truly frightens me that some children are being raised in homes that not only condone the viewing of movies like that, but ENCOURAGE it!?!? Our oldest is almost 14 and he will not see a movie like that until he is 18 and/or out on his own. If he ever chooses to, which I can foresee being the case, but one never knows.

My husband and I have not seen any movies like that, nor do we plan to. There is absolutely no excuse for that and I truly wish there was something we could do, because it DOES affect us. People raised this way, cannot possibly turn out..."right". I am not trying to judge, but like you said. If he is so desensitized to things like that at that age??? Something is dreadfully wrong. What kind of parents do that to their child?? What is the point in that?? It is bad enough that THEY want to see it, but to take a child to that?? I can't imagine. Some people really do not deserve the gift of parenthood.

You are not over protective in any way, shape or form. You are very wise. It is sad that we have to avoid people for reason such as that...but who knows what type of man this boy will turn out to be. Possibly just fine...but if this is a pattern...I really worry for him. That is just not right.

Ok, I guess you can tell how I feel about this. Sorry AGAIN!

Hope you all feel better soon. I guess that means you didn't make it to "Flushed Away"??? I can't imagine you working AND now being pregnant on top of it! You are really amazing and seem full of energy! Have a great week!

Lowa said...

Opps, meant I CANNOT forsee my son ever wanting to see a movie like that!

Michelle Miles said...

Get well soon!

I agree with you about the movie thing. I don't let my 5 year old watch anything above G. If it's PG I want to prescreen. I guess I'm overprotective too. Horror movies are gross and I've no use for them.