Sunday, November 12, 2006

I'm a Spaz...

Today was weird. I was totally clumsy and spazzy and...embarrasing at church. I don't know if it's the "pregnant lady = uncoordinated" thing or WHAT.

So, we're in church, taking the Sacrament. I take my piece of bread and unwittingly take another piece with it and it goes flying into the lap of my son next to me. I heard the people in the pew behind me chuckling. Ugh.

Then, about 20 minutes later, I take off my wedding ring because for some reason it's itching my finger, and when I try to put it on it flies out of my hands and bounces on the floor, rolling and finally coming to a stop two pews ahead of us. (Of course I didn't know this, I just assumed it was lost forever and acted accordingly.)
Some poor missionary was at the most emotional part of his "farewell" talk, and I had about six people on their knees searching for the ring right in the middle of the floor for me. I wanted to die. Hubby was completely mortified.

THEN during singing time I clumsily ran into the music stand and scattered about 27892 sheets of paper and instead of just falling, of course they fanned out until they covered the entire front of the room.

To top it off, I rolled my ankle in my spikey black boots as I was going out the concrete steps to the parking lot. A farewell gesture, if you will.

I'm glad I'm home and I'm just sitting still.

At least I didn't burn the lasagna.

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Michelle Miles said...

Oh girl!!! This post had me laughing so hard. But I'm sorry it all happened. At least you can laugh about it, right? :)