Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Happy Voting Day...

Get out and VOTE, Y'all! Let your voice be heard!

*ahem* I'm glad I'm not alone in the disgust I voiced over yesterday's post. As for the Movies, we never got to see "Flushed Away" last weekend because of sick kids. We are planning on it this weekend. I think I'm as excited to see it as the kids! ;-)

I have to work again today, 11-3. I like the short shifts. Just enough to where my feet are screaming in their shoes by the last hour. I am SO not used to being on my feet for hours on end anymore. But it builds character, right? I'm off tomorrow, so I will definitely be doing house unpacking stuff. Eating the Elephant One Bite At A Time.

I am miffed. Our house came with a 50-inch plasma TV, set into the wall (and they very cleverly put an ornate picture frame around it, to make it look like a large mirror in the Great Room) and Hubby was just watching the TV on Sunday and it winked out. We couldn't get it to turn back on. Just a little blinking red light. We tried the breaker switches, then unplugging it and plugging it back in. Nothing. So I get to call and find out what's wrong, with this basically BRAND NEW TV. Is Mercury still Retrograde? Because I was enjoying a bath with the jets on and when I reached over to turn them off on Sunday the jets wouldn't turn off. Hubby had to pop the breaker switch in the master closet to turn the jets off. LAME.

So, it would seem my brand-new house is tempermental. Or at least the electrical stuff in it!

Well, time to run errands. Vote, Kinko's, store, then work, then run the kids to their DR's appts after school. Oh, and I have to squeeze in a Dry Cleaning drop-off somewhere in there.

Ah, yes, my life is full right now. Full of crappy errands! ;-)

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