Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tuesday Toast Day II

The kids love today. Instead of cereal, they get toast, or english muffins, or bagels. Hubby thinks it's not the most nutritious breakfast, and he's right, but it's only one day a week and frankly, they're kids, they have to have SOME fun to break up the monotony of cold cereal.

Oooh, I was sooo mad about "Heroes" last night. We DVR it and watch it after the kids are in bed, and lately it's been running "over" time. Well, I keep forgetting to set the timer to tape a few minutes later, and for the SECOND week in a row, the ending has been cut off. I was livid. I mean, the ending is "kind of" important, right? All we saw was Hiro's friend sitting by himself in the cafe, and CUT! Would you like to erase this program now? flashed on the screen.


I have remedied the problem, and let me tell you it won't happen again. If anyone has any insight as to what happened at the end last night, please feel free to let me know!

Okay, to clarify about my boys singing songs from the musical "Annie" yesterday, it doesn't bug ME so much, but I know if HUBBY hears them, he'll freak out. It's just a man thing.

Today I'm off from work (had a close call yesterday when a lady asked me to cover her shift, I said no and I felt so bad but I need these days off) and I intend to fully work on the first floor Guest Room. We got lucky with this house. First floor Master, and First Floor Guest room, with it's own full bath. But unfortunately, it's currently full with about 50 boxes, all of which either go in there, or I just didn't want to unpack and moved in there. So, this will be a chore. And I have to change the curtains. They put these really nice draperies in there, but they are PINK and BLUE and YELLOW flowers and I have no idea what they were thinking. The rest of the house is so earth-toned and subdued and...dignified. So I bought some khaki-colored draperies and they should look good on the windows. I hate to change them out, because they really are nice, but they just don't match anything I have.

Okay, rambling. I'm off to Sendiks for the weeks' groceries (and I promised the kids they could have Sushi tonight (although Thing Two won't go near it and so he'll have a corn dog, how's that for dysfunction) and then it's KNOCK OUT THE GUEST ROOM time. And I will officially be done with the first floor.

Go me.

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