Thursday, November 09, 2006


Or rather, my FEET are! I just got home from a seven hour shift, and frankly, even the most comfortable shoes weren't going to save me. I ripped this thing out of it's box as soon as I got in the door and used it, and it's AWESOME. It has two settings, cool and heat. My feet loved it. Whew!

I've had a trying day. I got some really bad news today. We found out my SIL may be losing her baby. She was only five weeks, but that is just terrible. I've been sick all day for her. But she's strong. Stronger than me.

The kids are bringing home all sorts of cute little things. Thanksgiving "turkeys" made from pinecones, turkey picture frames, and pins, everything you can think of that is Turkey themed. So cute. But no idea where I'm going to put all this stuff.

Short post because I have to hobble around and tidy up. Tomorrow I'm off, and the kids are home from school. It should be interesting. I just can't get over this weather. It's 60 degrees outside, but tomorrow, the high is supposed to be 34 or something crazy like that. That's Wisconsin for you!

I'm going to curl up tonight with a friend's WIP, and take it easy. I love my new foot massager! (Thing Two came in from school and asked "Mom, did you buy a new radio?")

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