Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Being a current "baby-maker" I am seriously NO GOOD past ten o'clock at night. But when Hubby travels, I can't sleep.
So, last night, around ten pm, I went downstairs and picked a movie to watch to get me to sleep. Of course I picked a really cool one with snappy music: Sahara.
So, around Midnight just as it was ending, and I was concluding that Matthew McConaughey has suspisciously stubby arms, I started feeling sleepy.
Now, six hours later, I am dead. And my day is full. Dr.'s appt. at 9:30, work from 11-3, and then I have to run home and clean up the mess I left in the mud room with all the leftover junk and empty boxes.
I cleaned the guest room yesterday. Well, UNPACKED the guest room. It looks fabulous. But it took me four hours, from nine to noon. So, now, the only thing left is the basement. But the basement is the daunting part. Granted, my office in the basement is done (hey, I PRIORITIZED!) but now I have to do the family room, gameroom, Movie Theatre room, bathroom, 2nd kitchen, and the back area needs to be organized so I can have my little craft room.
Yeah, did I mention my basement is GINORMOUS? This project will take a month or so. But when I'm done, I'll be done with the whole house.

The age old question: How do you eat an elephant?

I've got to look at it that way. I'm almost there! We are having houseguests for Christmas so I have a deadline.

I was reading in the news that there is a new massage that was invented specifically for "Blackberry Thumb." I laughed and laughed. Hubby had a blackberry for his last job, and all he did was stand like a Greek statue and scroll with his thumb, all the time. He had to have that clean inbox. He was checking it constantly, in restaurants, at home, everywhere.Now he has a Treo and he's just as bad, but at least he doesn't have Blackberry (aka CRACKberry) Thumb.These poor Crackberry addicts! But I can joke about it because I don't have one. I can imagine it's highly addictive.

Time to make lunches and run. I am so dang tired, I think the kids can have hot lunch today. Yes, I'm a bad mommy. *Yawn*


Lara said...

Oh, I've given him an earful or two about it! He's been better. I DRAW THE LINE at texting or calling or even checking email at Restaurants...

There's nothing wrong with being a Luddite. :-)

Michelle Miles said...

I have no PDA nor am I interested in getting one either. I'm resisting getting a laptop and a cell phone for my job - I don't want to be tethered. I think it's insanely rude to be on a date and he gets a call on his cell phone. (If it's business - I can understand maybe a small iota - but don't chat with yer buds while I'm in your presence).


Anonymous said...

Isn't nine to noon only 3 hours???

The baby IS eating your brain. Haha! ;)

Lara said...

I worked 11-3! I usually work 8-12. Four hour shifts rock.