Monday, November 13, 2006

Da Vinci and the Mask of Atreus...

Da Vinci Code is out this week! I heard somewhere they were filming the Prequel: Angels and Demons, but I wonder if they have even started. I LOVE those two Dan Brown books. Sheer Entertainment, if you take it all with a grain of salt.

Currently reading THE MASK OF ATREUS by A.J. Hartley and I'm smitten. It has everything I love in it: Adventure, Travel, Mystery, Archaeology, Greek lore and... Treasure. I'm in deep "smit" over this one. But alas I have to put it down because Mondays are a bit errand-heavy.

Okay, I'm a little worried. Thing One is heavily into "Annie" so I bought her the original Broadway Soundtrack (1977--the BEST version, in my opinion) and the movie, and she has been entranced. (Well, she bounces back and forth between that and "High School Musical"--enough to drive even the most patient mother--which I'm not--bonkers.) The cause of the worry? My SONS are now singing "Maybe" under their breath, and "Tomorrow." And listening to my five year old son hum "it's a hard knock life" while putting together a puzzle yesterday inspired me to limit Thing One's viewing/listening of Annie to her bedroom only. Yikes. Where's the Football?

Time to pack lunches. Hopefully I have gotten over the clumsiness of yesterday (see previous post) and will be able to function normally. Although I did drop the toast jam-side-down this morning.

Not a good sign.


Anonymous said...

that's hilarious. i laughed out loud here in the computer lab when I read that. haha.

high school musical is my guilty pleasure.

we're soaring, flying....

Michelle Miles said...

Okay I'm intrigued with this book. I must get it I think!

Unknown said...

Glad you liked the book, at least at first. Did you finish it?

Next one comes out in July.