Thursday, November 02, 2006


And no, I'm not practicing to be a pirate. It's called FRUSTRATION with moving, yet again.
Case in point: I have a big-screen TV in the basement with all sorts of stereo equipment and surround sound system, etc etc and I don't have the foggiest idea how to set it all up. So I called Flanners and they were to send a couple of guys out to hook it all up for me, and get it all set. So, I find the box that says "Basement Entertainment/Stereo Components" on it, and think I'm ready for them.

Well, pregnant lady that I am, I totally spaced the appointment, so when they arrived on my doorstep I wondered who the heck they were until I saw one of them had "Flanners" on his shirt. So we went down to the basement (I prefer to call it the "Graveyard of unpacked boxes) and I showed them where all the speakers were and where I wanted everything and opened up the box with all the stuff in it.

What was in the box? A pinball machine, workout room towels, and a half-empty bottle of water.

"Um...excuse me for a moment guys, I apparently have the wrong box."

They were super nice. They admired my stuff while I frantically searched the description of every box, and found nothing that said "Stereo stuff." After about five minutes I started ripping open boxes. And we're talking these HUGE dish-pack boxes. I had about 15 of them, and the intall guys were soon breaking out their pocket knives and helping me open up boxes. 10 minutes and 15 searched boxes later, we were still out of luck. I was starting to get pissed off. I excused myself and went into the back storage room, where I kid you not, the movers put every box that didn't have a place. We're talking about 100+ boxes in there. I looked through about five of them, and they were stacked three high, and about six deep. There was no way.

I went back out and apologized to the guys for coming all the way out, but I couldn't find my stuff. They volunteered to bring in their own stuff, but I wasn't born yesterday. I wasn't going to pay for wires and components when I had it all, already. So I told them I was sorry but I would have to reschedule.

They left, and I became a Madwoman Possessed. I pulled every single box out of the stack and looked at them. No Stereo stuff. Not even a box that said "Pinball Machine." I worked my way to the boxes down the hall, and in the other storage room. Finally, I got to the other end of the basement, cursing and sweaty, and saw one huge box sitting by itself by the sump pump. It was the VERY last box that was untouched. I walked over to it, and read the description:

"Pinball Machine, Towels, etc. Basement."

I tore it open and there it all was: the receiver, the mass of wires, the DVD player, etc. It was all there. I hurried up to the phone and called and rescheduled the hookup for today. Thank heaven they were nice and didn't charge me the $79 trip fee for yesterday.

But I'm sure they had a good laugh about it. I'm not exactly laughing. I HATE moving!


Michelle Miles said...

Aw poor you!! Everyone I know has had some sort of mishap lately. And my internet/email at home has been VERY cranky. At least you found the stuff. And moving really does suck. :)

Lara said...

Well I'm happy to report that they came and hooked everything up, and it works like a dream! (whew)

I'll look into the Bernina. I do love to quilt... :-)

Lowa said...

I never realised that they have people to come and do that. My husband always just does that stuff.

Of course, with your hubby traveling as much as he is, I guess it is a little hard for him to do when he is not present, eh??

I am glad it is done for you now!

Sewing...ah...I recall those days! I used to sew all manner of outfits for my little foster siblings, made a Christmas dress for myself, etc. I have not sewn anything in years! My kids have never even seen me do it. I just have nowhere to set it up...I need to do something about that. Same with my painting...haven't painted in so long...I have nowhere to put my things:( POOR ME!!! LOL