Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Valentines Suck

I have a great writing group. I was feeling a little frustrated yesterday, and they all had great suggestions. I prefer to be a "hands on" researcher, but clearly time and responsibilities hinder that kind of research, so thank heaven for the Internet. I find that when I search, I can pretty much find anything I need. Especially yesterday. I also discovered that I shouldn't be afraid to put wacky word combinations together in Google. Because there is usually someone out there who has posted something I need. Kind of reminds me what a big old world it is, out there. :-)

The Valentine's Day rush has begun! I literally battled with a lady yesterday (she won, because I'm nice) over the last bag of candy hearts at Target. Why in the HECK do those things always go first? UGH. So I went to Walmart. Sold out. Finally I went to a place I didnt' think I'd find them and voila, there they were! I shouted "YES!!" and lots of people were staring, but I didn't care.
I have to make valentines for three classes of 25 and frankly, I'm not going to want to see another valentine again after this. Hubby will probably wish me Happy Valentine's Day on the 14th, and I'll just growl at him.

I remember the days when a "valentine" consisted of a piece of colorful paper with a cute saying on it. NOWADAYS you have to attach a clear bag, cutely done up, with an assortment of candy in it. EVERYONE DOES THIS. It's like all the moms sat down and strategized on how they could "one up" each other in the valentine department. And every year the bags get bigger. Some people must have to take out small loans to support their candy sprees.
Therefore, I need to go and purchase enough candy to fuel a small principality in France, and if I don't go early, all the good stuff is sold out and all they have left are the cheap heart-shaped suckers that no one wants.

And of course I have to overbuy, because I have had some years where I've run out, ON THE DAY I'M MAKING THEM, which is usually the day of or the day before, and if I have to run to find candy I'm REALLY out of luck.

Oh, to be a kid again. When I actually enjoyed holidays...


Lowa said...

I was going to help the kids make Valentines, with the foil doilies, etc. Don't think I will have time.

So yesterday my daughter chose $0.99 Hello Kitty ones that are treat bags. Then she chose heart shaped suckers to put in the bags. Not too bad, she spent the same amount as her brothers who got ones that include tattoos. I spend more money on bags of candy to sit around the house! LOL

I know what you mean though. I did not know how much work my mother put in to all the fun I had as a kid! LOL

Michelle Miles said...

Gaw - what is it with making such a production out of stuff for the kids at school these days? I don't get it. Good luck with the candy-hunting. :)