Monday, February 27, 2006

Till We Meet Again...

The closing ceremonies of the Olympics were good--almost poignant. I'm always sad to see them end. Four more years!
We had the LAZIEST weekend. Hubby's back is still bothering him, so he stayed home with Thing Three, who is sick, and I think he got a little touch of cabin fever, because he was SO ready to go to work this morning.
Of course Thing Three is STILL sick, I wish he'd get better. But I'm waiting for everyone else in the family to come down with his sore throat and cough (including myself) so we can be done with it.

We are having the Annual Family Reunion at our house this year. It was just decided. I'm off my head with joy. In fact, excuse me while I go and turn some cartwheels...

...OK, back. Whew, I can't do those as well as I used to! ;-) ANYWAY, we get to have about 30 people stay at our house over the 4th of July (Hubby's family doesn't believe in Hotels) and all I can think about is what I'll have to clean after they all LEAVE. UGH. But I can't think about that now. I think I will actually hire someone to help with that.

We are closing on our house in Wisconsin!! Done! Finito. Good Riddance. No more double bills. I'm telling you, though, these people got a DEAL. Only because we were desperate to get rid of it. Such is life. Good for them.

My heel is feeling better. I know, what an exciting thing to write about. But it's been so all-encompassing these last few weeks, I'm truly excited that it feels better than it has. I've been doing my stretches faithfully, and I think they're really helping. I see the Dr. again this Wednesday, so we'll see what he says. I hope I don't need another shot. :-(

Tomorrow Pride and Prejudice comes out on DVD!! I want it to be tomorrow! Funny part is, I don't know when I'll have time to WATCH the movie once I get it. Hubby hasn't traveled in a while, and he isn't traveling until next month. So I have to wait.

I'm going to stick to my guns and get some writing in this week. I really do need to edit the rest of EMMA, because I have chapters out on submission and if they want more, I'm going to have to give them the rest--so I'd better get on it.
I need more TIME!!!

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Michelle Miles said...

I can't wait for Pride & Prejudice! I'm going straightaway to the store and getting it!!