Thursday, February 16, 2006

Arrrgghhh Snow!

Granted, the four inches we got last night are beautiful, but I shoveled my entire driveway at 6:30 this morning and when I pulled out to take the kids to school, you couldn't tell I did anything. It's all covered over again and STILL coming down, so I made a rude gesture at the snow and gave up.

Oh well, it is pretty...

Lots to do today, (cleaning) and I don't feel like it. I just want to crawl back into my feather bed and hang out...but Thing Three wants to play or ask questions or about 200 other things. I guess I'll get a nap in about 15 years--assuming we have no more children.

I got a lot of editing done yesterday. The floor people stayed way too long, so I couldnt get to Barnes & Noble, but I went through the first three chapters, line-by-line, and took out any words that I thought a thirteen-year old would never say. For instance, I would substitute "he was meticulous" with "he took it really slow" or "the phone was an unattractive avacodo green" to "the phone was an ugly green color" It's amazing how I miss stuff like that.

I have this exercise that helps--I read aloud to my 8-year old (in the closest thing to a 13-year old's voice I can mimic) and if a word or phrase sounds too advanced, I'll cross it out and simplify it.
The only thing I dislike about writing in a "tween's" voice is that my descriptive word choices are limited. A thirteen-year old just doesn't have the vocabulary that a 33-year old does. And I like my vocabulary better! :-)

But I'm really making progress, and I finished up about 75 pages yesterday. Now I just have about 120 more. But it's a snowy day, and the roads are treacherous. I'm not going anywhere.

Guess I'd better get editing!

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Lowa said...

My thirteen year old has your vocab.


I am actually blogging about him of late, then will move on to my other kids.

I know what you mean, though. It is not typical. To save you time, you could just leave it how you have it and throw in that the 13 year old is very articulate. Honestly, I live with one, it CAN happen!

I hear you on the snow. Love/hate relationship, eh??

We actually got some on V Day and the kids had a blast. It is still hanging around in the shady areas of lawns.