Monday, February 06, 2006

Poor Seahawks

Being from Washington state, the team to root for was a no-brainer. So, now that the bad calls and craziness of the game are a memory, we can all collectively sigh and say "Dang it!"

Oh well, there's nothing like an excuse to make a bunch of unnecessary (and highly bad for you) finger foods and crowd around a TV and scream and bang your chest for four hours, while washing everything down with near-lethal amounts of Stewarts Cream Soda. It was fun, and the kids were getting into it, too.

Of course now I never want to see Seven-Layer Taco Dip again, or anything that resembles a shrimp. Not for a looooooong while. UGH.

Back to normal today. I attended a church conference on Saturday and the stress was on "Being Prepared." My church is BIG into this stuff.
So I am now motivated to update our 72-hour kits. Frankly, I hate doing it, but it is always peace of mind to know we have them for any reason. Each family member has a backpack with basic necessities and nine small meals inside. I found out about some really cool websites that sell water packets and battery-less flashlights (you shake them and they glow, way cool) so my project this week is to get those backpacks updated.

I didn't get to write all weekend for obvious reasons, and I am nervous because when I stay away from my Writing Muse she tends to leave in a huff, and I'm always left scrambling, trying to remember what I didn't get a chance to write down. Hubby got a digital voice recorder for Christmas from my Dad--sorry Dad but I've all but outright claimed it as MINE and I've been using it a TON for times I can't get to a pen and paper. It's wonderful.

So, this afternoon I'll sit at the computer and see if the Muse has been waiting for me. One can only hope.


Lowa said...

You are from here?? I never knew that.

Our Pastor totally used football in his message yesterday. He loves stuff like that.

I knew we would lose, but at least we got there. I can't stand football and only watched a bit of the game because my 10 year old wanted to.

Your muse is still close, I am sure!

Lara said...

Yes! I grew up in Bellevue and Spokane!!