Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Blood, Blood and more Blood...

Did a lot of research yesterday--and of course I got sidetracked by the Aztec and Mayan sacrificial rituals. Yikes--these peoples LOVED blood. And they ATE the victims, and did things with their body parts---we're talking mass carnage and blatant...yuckiness. Apparently they weren't "big" on the whole Human Rights issue. Not very nice customs, if you ask me. My personal favorite though, was the ball game where the winners (or the losers, it's up for debate) got their heads lopped off and they considered it an honor to die this way...
Puts a whole new perspective on the game of Basketball...

The books I ordered are trickling in--my next step is to start interviewing geologists and anthropologists and of course try and do some field work myself--I am stuck on a location for my city, because I want it to be somewhere probable, as opposed to "highly unlikely." Here's where I feel limited by my situation--mother to three young children, and Homemaker--I can't just "jet off somewhere" to do research. It's very frustrating.

Don't get me wrong, I love my family dearly, but sometimes I wish I had a little more wiggle room that way. When the kids are older I want to take them to Europe and take them to Central America and give them some travel experience, but right now they're too young and they wouldn't appreciate it--therefore I'm grounded.
Hubby is definitely considering taking me to Mexico for our anniversary--but that is a few months off. It really sucks being an "I WANT IT NOW!!!" person...I need to calm down. :-)

I got the 72-hour kits put together yesterday. They're beautiful. We are SET. Of course it took up the whole day and now I have a really NASTY kitchen so I'd better get going on that. After I drop the kids off I'm heading to the local Barnes & Noble because apparently Thing One did nice enough artwork to be selected from her school to have it framed and hung inside the Starbucks in there--so I want to take a picture of it!
Way to go, Thing One! She's quite the little artist. We're very proud.

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Lowa said...

Wow, way to go Thing One! My 13 year old can barely draw, only does stick figures STILL.

I hope you get the Mexico Trip. We never even got a honeymoon and have not gone anywhere together on a vacation. The few vacations we have gone on, were with the kids and usually to see family. We kept saying on our 5th Anniv...then 10th...then 15th...now hopefully it will be 20th.

Have fun with your research. I bet you are glad that momentary idea of a 4th child left you as soon as it got there, eh?? LOL Then you would be grounded for even longer. A few more years and your kids will be the perfect age for travel!