Thursday, February 02, 2006

Back to Quasi-normal...

This has been the weirdest flu ever. It's a harrowing 24 hours, but as soon as the 24 hours is over, TA DA, you're right as rain.

Hubby just went to work, feeling a little weak, but absolutely fine. He stayed in bed the entire day yesterday (at my command) and this morning, got up like nothing had ever happened. What a strange strain of Flu. Thank heaven it's short. That's the only good thing about it.

I got a lot of research done yesterday, but now I am determined to do some, IN PERSON. My tenth anniversary is coming up in April, I'm trying to talk Hubby into taking me to Cancun for a long weekend. (Not an entire week because we wouldn't wish that on the people watching our kids, heh heh).
I told him we could do the "beach" thing, but we'd stay at Chichen Itza, because I need to do a lot of research there. It will be a fun adventure.

I'm looking into an Alphasmart. My laptop is too cumbersome and expensive to lug around, I need something lightweight that I can type on, while I'm at my kids sports lessons, at the park, etc. I like Hubby's Blackberry, but I'm afraid that's too small. So I've been looking around, and Alphasmart is the closest thing I can find. We'll see.

Well, I have to sterilize my house from top to bottom today--I already go the kids rooms and bathrooms done yesterday, I gave them fresh sheets and towels and did an "in-depth" cleaning--I don't want any nasty Flu germs around. Ick. I still think it's amazing that Thing One was the only one who escaped it. She has been just fine.
Then again, the day is young.

Dum de dum dum...


Lowa said...

That Alphasmart looks wonderful! I hope that you are able to get that, as well as the trip you are talking about.

We never even had a honeymoon and after 16 years of marriage, have yet to do anything like one. Maybe one day!

That will be awesome if your daughter doesn't get sick!

Ann said...

Glad your feeling better! And hey, if you have to research, Cancun is the place!

Michelle Miles said...

I'm glad to hear you're all feeling better. A strange flu, indeed! And Cancun...that sounds like heaven. ;)