Friday, February 24, 2006

It's FRIDAY!!!

Of course, Friday might have a different meaning because I stay home--but I love the weekends. Hubby helps with the kids and we get to spend quality family time, and we watch the kids' sports and lessons, and usually we'll go out to dinner, and a movie, if there's one out. And Sunday is a day to relax. So I like weekends.

Well I went to the Podiatrist. Apparently I have "Plantar Facsitis" a common ailment of athletes and runners. (Trust me, I'm no athlete yet--but I sure was trying for it!)
So the doctor gave me a steroid injection in my heel (that was fun) to reduce the inflammation so I could walk, and gave me a series of stretching exercises to do. He said that my achilles tendon on my right foot is too tight, and that's the problem. So if I stretch it out, three times a day, I should be fine. No surgery. Hooray!
HOWEVER--this has shot down my hopes of training for the Denver Marathon, it looks like I might have to heal first before I can do that. But hey, I could try for NEXT year!

I'm trying to nail down all of our plans for Disneyworld today--we have the Dining Plan so if I don't make reservations at certain restaraunts we won't get in anywhere. I have to say, I'm very excited--the last night we're there, we're spending the day in Magic Kingdom and I got us a table at Cinderella's Royal Table, which is nearly impossible to get into.

It's inside Cinderella's Castle, and apparently people reserve tables as much as 180 days in advance. Yikes. The lady said we were very lucky to get a table. So that should be a nice way to end the vacation.

Last time we went to Disneyworld (four years ago) we were greenies who'd never been there, PLUS we had children who really were too young. (1, 3, 4) Now that they're 5, 6, and 8, they'll enjoy it MUCH better. But Thing One still insists she won't (rather REFUSES VEHEMENTLY) to go on the scary roller coasters. I say she's never really "been on one" so she can't say until she's tried it. So, we'll do something small, and ease her into it. I mean, this is a girl who was openly sobbing during the log/coaster ride at Seaworld. We'll see if I can "covert" her into a coaster lover. But I won't force it. I don't need to screw her psyche up. :-)

So everyone have a wonderful weekend--I am going to try and get some writing in, but I usually can't. So Monday I'll be rearing to go!


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Ann said...

Sorry about the marathon - but very glad it's not something that needs surgery! Take it easy!