Thursday, August 04, 2011

Halloween Costumes When It's Not Halloween...

As you all know (times ten, ha ha) I've recently moved. And I am still in the process of unpacking boxes. Some of which have not been unpacked since our previous move a year ago. Yep. I'm finding all sorts of crapola good stuff. ANYWAY, yesterday I unpacked a box of old Halloween costumes. We had Spiderman, Buzz Lightyear, Iron Man, Link, Mario & Luigi, Harry Potter, The Ghostbusters, Princess Leia and Cleopatra, to name a few.

Thing Four immediately wanted to put on the Spiderman costume and run around the house. I let him. Then he wanted to wear it in the car to run errands. Um, not so much.

Is it bad I didn't let him? I don't care if he runs around the house, but when it's not even remotely close to October, I think it's tacky to let him be Spiderman in public. Do I need to lighten up? I mean, he's FOUR. Then again, if you wear a costume all the time, Halloween time won't be so special, right?

Today he wants to be Buzz Lightyear. UGH.

Got one whole room and half another room done yesterday, today I am determined to get the game room and the boys' room done. Watch me go.


diamondc said...

I love the fact he wanted to wear the costume to the store, I was shopping with my Mother we spotted a little boy in a costume we got such a giggle out of it.
Costumes are a hoot, I love halloween.


Devon Ellington said...

As usual, your instincts are totally right. The costume is part of playtime, and, while it's cute that he wanted to wear it to the store, it's more fun when wearing it "out' is really special.

You know what? I remember those costumes from the years you posted about Halloween. It's been THAT long! ;)