Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kids are Messy.


I have to say, the NOT fun thing about having dark wood floors: DUST and KIDS. As in lots of crumbs and pieces of food everywhere after every meal, (my kids ages range from 4 years to 13) and I find I spend a good deal of time SWIFFERING because dark wood floors really show dust.

But back to the kid thing. I mean, seriously? Is it THAT hard to lean over your plate as you eat? Or not spill stuff? Or not "accidentally" spill fifty percent of the remnants on your dinner plate on the floor as you head to the garbage to empty it? Bug. MAJOR BUG.

And what is it with kids wanting to eat food anywhere BUT the kitchen? They want to eat it in the game room. THEIR rooms (I've put the kibosh on that one lately). The theater room. At the computer desk. (Kibosh #2.) I mean, it's ridiculous!

Of course I've stopped doing all the sweeping and vacuuming after each meal. THEY get to take turns doing it. But nothing frustrates me more than having a pristine floor (after fifteen minutes of hard vacumming) and having my four-year old walk across the kitchen, scattering cookie crumbs everywhere.


Kids are messy. I should own stock in paper towels. Because I'm certainly keeping them in business.

The sad part? The teenagers are just as messy as my four-year old.

Shoot me now.


Devon Ellington said...

Yep. I hear you.

Good to know about the dark wood. I have light wood, so it doesn't show up that much, but we are Swiffering machines anyway. I was thinking of dark wood when I buy, but hadn't thought of the dust/stain ratio. Wood floors (when properly treated) are good with pets because they clean up easily. But kids are harder on floors than pets. Hang in there!

Karies place said...

A saying I once saw: "trying to keep your house clean while the kids are still around is like trying to shovel the snow while it's still a blizzard." Do the basics and as you have done, let the kids help out.

Brenda said...

You need a dog.

Anonymous said...

You need Roomba.
We had one . Your Mom wanted one,
Now you want one.
Good Luck

Uncle Rob