Tuesday, August 02, 2011

You Know You're Getting Old When...

Or, out of shape or something. I have to say, during the whole move, I MOVED things. Heavy things. I was a pack mule. I lugged. I tugged. I lifted. I grunted. I strained and shuffled and all that fun stuff you do when you move. I even, with a friend (bless her) moved every single 50+ pound box of books from one house to another, without incident.

Not one problem.

Cut to last night, when I decided to enjoy a jog on the treadmill in the workout room, and I only went 30 minutes. This morning, my back is out. Or at least I tweaked it and the lower right side is VERY sore. Makes sitting uncomfortable.

Ironic, isn't it? I'll have to down the Advil and press on. I have stuff to hang today. I'm getting antsy because my walls are bare and I have to have stuff on them. Now that the first floor is unpacked and placed, it's time for FROU FROU. Plants, pictures, candlesticks, STUFF. Although I am very grateful we got a gorgeous box of succulents from one of Hubby's work colleagues as a housewarming gift, and it is PERFECT for my massive kitchen island. I just hope I don't kill them, because I'm a known plant killer. They are supposed to get a good soaking once a week, so every Tuesday I'm going to "Soak the Succulents." (Ha ha say that five times real fast!)

And now it's time to frou frou. At least for an hour or two. Then I need to go help my 4-year old unpack the rest of his toys. You'd think I would have done that already--he's been bugging me for DAYS...

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Devon Ellington said...

Try a forward fold with slightly bent knees. That will help ease the lower back, as will Child's Pose.

I've barely hung anything in the past year -- it'll be a year in November since the move. I found the plain walls restful, and now I'm ready to start hanging things.

Glad you're back.