Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day of School.

And...they're back. Got Thing Three on to the bus this morning at 6:50, and took the other two to middle school at 8:20. Next week I'll add taking Thing Four to preschool at 9:30. He's so excited. I'm so sad. :-(

My kids are growing up. Before my eyes. I do like that they can mostly take care of themselves, now, but I miss being able to dress them in cute stuff and having them do everything I tell them without A) talking back or B) complaining up a storm or C) falling to the ground with dramatic flair.

I did my normal after-the-kids-are-gone-to-school routine. Go through each room, turn off bathroom, closet, and room lights, flush toilets if needed, and grumble about how my kids can never turn any lights off or flush any toilets.


Now I'm going to tidy up the house, and enjoy these last few days with my four-year old before he heads off to school after Labor Day. Today we're having lunch at the park. I can tell he misses his brothers and sister, but he's also glad to have Mom all to himself again. I like our little dynamic. I'll miss it when he's at school. But I will say, I will get a LOT more writing done. And since I'd sort of like to make a career out of it *wink wink*-- that is a GOOD thing.

Happy Thursday everyone! Hope anyone in the path of Irene is safe. (I know, I am too, but I'm so far inland in NC I don't think I'll get much more than a windy storm.)


Brenda said...

I do the same routine you do with closet lights, televisions and toilets and mine are TEENAGERS!

Enjoy your new "me" time.

diamondc said...

Dear Soccer Mom: I am sure you will miss themm little ones just a little when thay are in school everyday.
I bet your plans are in order to stitch stitch and more stitch, how lucky you are.