Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shoes Shmoes.

My Mom was so cute on the phone yesterday. She was like "Lara, PLEASE blog!" I have to say, I've been so caught up in Back-to school madness it's been a little while!

Tomorrow is the first day of school. Am I excited? Sort of. Am I sad? Sort of. It's always a bittersweet thing, to pack your kids off to school. Because the lazy days of Summer are over, and now it's Homework, Projects, carpools, Fall sports, school volunteering, and my personal favorite: GERMS. We are all so healthy over the summer because we're not picking up germs from a million fingers at school. ;-) But I drive my middle schoolers to school, so at least they're not picking up any BUS germs. Ugh. Those are the worst!

Today we are buying shoes. I know, I've waited to the last minute, but there is a method to my madness. My boys are GROWING. I am not kidding. At alarming rates. Shoes I would have bought them a few weeks ago would possibly be too tight in the toes, now. My oldest son is like a weed. And his feet are growing accordingly. So, we are getting shoes today, and hoping for a few months of wear, before the dreaded "Mom, my shoes are hurting my feet" complaint happens.

It happened last night. I bought Thing Three new soccer cleats in the Spring, and they're already too small for him now. He went to his first practice with "tight toes." Of course it didn't help he informed me of his shoe problems TEN MINUTES before we left for soccer practice. (Major eyeroll here!)

Anyway, school shoes, gym shoes, church shoes, sports shoes, you name it. Four kids times about four pairs of shoes. Shoot me.

Oh well.

Oh, and is there any remedy for getting that lovely red southern mud off my kids' gym shoes? Or are they forever destined to come out of the wash looking pink?

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Anonymous said...

Magic Eraser

good luck. Uncle Rob