Friday, August 12, 2011

I Survived BTS Shopping!

We did it. We survived. It took about four hours, but I got the Back-to-school shopping done for my four kids yesterday at Southpark Mall. Thing Four was not happy, because he's a "Four year old big boy!" and I sure put him in a stroller for the entire ordeal. I had to. Otherwise he would have gotten lost/kidnapped/fallen from the escalators/turned up in South Carolina. The kid doesn't sit very still. I had to take preventative measures. Not to mention how AWESOME those big strollers are--you can stick your handbag, a drink, and about NINE shopping bags in the seat underneath (okay, maybe more like two big ones) and still have your hands free. See my genius in planning it out? Of course by the end my kids were still loaded down with bags and complaining about it, but hey, you want the clothes, you carry the load!

We didn't even buy any jeans, or long-sleeved things. I mean, WHY? It's going to be 90 degrees for at least another month, then it will cool down to 80 degrees the month after that. Besides, the schools keep it about ten degrees inside with the air conditioning and my kids wear sweatshirts over everything all day anyway, so why would I buy them long sleeves? ;-) I figure in December we'll buy some jeans.

Thing One, who is 13, found pretty much everything she needed in the Juniors department at Belk, and she and her friend picked out outfits downstairs at while I loaded up the boys upstairs. It was a little bit crazy in the middle because the boys decided it would be funny to take the stroller and "pop wheelies" in the aisles, much to Thing Four's delight, (he was SHRIEKING with glee) but I was mortified and told them to knock it off. So, instead they decided to start knocking each other. BOYS. Ugh.

We were all ravenous and "over it" afterwards but no one could agree on dinner so I took half of them through the McDonald's drivethrough and the other half went to Taco Bell. (Hey, they're literally across the street from each other!)

Then the kids did a fashion show for me once we got home (well, my daughter did, the boys were more interested in playing Minecraft) and Hubby came home from New York bearing a ton of cupcakes from Crumbs (ohmygoshyumyumyum) and they made a yummy dessert.

Heh heh, I'm waiting until Monday to get school supplies. I have to recuperate! I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Devon Ellington said...

You got it done in four hours? that's amazing! You've got it down! It also sounds like you managed to have fun, which is great, too.