Monday, August 08, 2011

One Week.

That's what I'm giving myself. This week only, and I will be DONE with the unpacking. Yesterday was awesome. I gave myself the day off, and did everything I wanted to do, which involved ZERO unpacking. ;-) I even got some writing in. Kept the news off. Because there is so much to be sad about lately in the news. So much death, so much unrest. My heart goes out to the families affected by the horrible helicopter crash in Afghanistan.

Now it's back to unpacking for me, but there are a few things happening this week that are exciting. Today I get my built-in bookshelves, which we've been waiting weeks for. Hooray! Next week, I get my shutters in. No more having to throw blankets over my leather sofas so they don't bleach in the sun! Whew! Because my entire living room is windows. And that sun BLEACHES EVERYTHING.

Today we have dentist appointments, built-ins and I might do a school supply run. Or maybe tomorrow. Its not like they will run out of pens and erasers any time soon. I'm getting into Back To School mode, since it's only 2 1/2 weeks away.

Hope everyone has a good Monday!

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Devon Ellington said...

Just the thought of the built-in bookshelves makes my mouth water!