Friday, August 05, 2011


And no, I'm not talking about Ant problems. (Thank HEAVEN!!!) We have a new house, with ZERO bugs (and we have pest control coming today to ensure it stays that way!) I'm talking about feeling Antsy. I get this way, once in a while. I'm sure you guys do, too.

I'm antsy for this house to be unpacked and done. I'm antsy to be able to get back into a regular routine. I'm antsy about the future and the economy. I'm antsy to get back to regular writing again. I need to dump all these words I've been writing in my head the last several weeks onto paper. Or into the computer. ;-)

I'm antsy for my kids to have a fun rest of the summer, but I'm also antsy for school to start. I'm antsy for things to HAPPEN that won't happen for a little while. (More on that later ;-)) I want to wander through the ruins of Pompeii. I want to parasail and snorkel in Hawaii. I want to visit my family for more than two days. I want the never-ending laundry pile to end, just for once. I'm antsy for the weather to break, and not be in the 100's and high 90's.


Does anyone else ever get like this?


Anonymous said...

Yes, your mother.


Karies place said...

Yes, right now. I'm antsy to clean, but most things that needed cleaning are done. I've got a few small things, but not in the mood.

Devon Ellington said...

All the time. Which is why I write! ;;)

Hey, I've been here nearly a year and I'm not even close to unpacked. You'll be fine.