Monday, January 31, 2011


This morning started off a "little" crazy. I used to wake Thing Three up at 5:45, because he catches his bus at 6:45. Lately he's been wanting me to wake him up at 6am, because that extra 15 minutes helps. I think it's psychological, but that's fine. Well, THIS morning, hubby woke up at his usual 5:30 and asked me if I was going to wake up Thing Three, and I mumbled "not until 6."

Then I promptly fell asleep.

At 6:20 I snapped awake, and okay, I did just a "little" bit of a freak out. Thing Three was actually pretty calm, he jumped into his clothes while I poured his cereal, ate, then packed his lunch and brushed his teeth and was ready to go with ten minutes to spare! (We make our boys shower the night before.)

He is now asking that I wake him up at 6:20 every morning, but I'm just not buying it. Rushing is no way to start a morning, you know?

We had a decent weekend. Hubby closed out the year and THANKFULLY he made his goals. Whew! We made yummy chicken alfredo french-bread pizzas to celebrate, and caught up on the DVR until we konked out. Saturday was running around, Thing One had team pictures and a game, she had to miss her church basketball game because I was mean and told her she wasn't doing back-to-back games, she'd be too tired. Hubby got his car serviced and took the boys for hair cuts while I spent THREE FREAKING HOURS trying to take Thing One shopping and during that whole time we found One. Skirt. Only. Then we gulped down Chick-fil-a and rushed to the pictures/game, which was three more hours, and by the time I got home at 3pm I just wanted a nap. But we had to get ready to meet one of our dear friends for sushi.

Sunday was a little crazy too, I realized the project I was doing for my class involved a LOT of coloring and cutting, and I had to wake up at 5:30am to get it all done, then we were dressed and sitting in church at 9:01. ;-) We eeked in just while they were singing the opening hymn.

Then after church Hubby had to do church visits, and I TOOK A NAP. FOR TWO HEAVENLY HOURS. Then we got invited to dinner and I baked a quick cake and we spent the rest of the night with friends. It was great.

This week will be figuring out whether we want to build vs buy, because we are out of this house in June. Yes, we get to move AGAIN. But at least it will be locally. If we build, I think we might have to move in late summer, because houses don't spring up overnight. ;-) Which will be fine with me. Gives me more time.

And I'm realizing how completely boring this post is so I'd better get some breakfast. Happy Monday everyone!


Devon Ellington said...

If you build, you get more control over the design and layout, but not the time frame. If you buy, you have to make someone else's design work for you. Can you stay in the house month-to-month past June if you need to?

Whatever you decide, I hope you find something you LOVE!

Anonymous said...

Your never boring.


Unknown said...

Your blog isn't showing up on my reader lately! Did you do something different? I just realized it today, and spent the day catching up on all of January! Weird!