Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And Now, We're...

It's 1/11/11 today! Make a wish at 11:11! You'll get two chances. :-)

School is cancelled again--all that snow that melted on the roads is now ice. I've been reading the reports and they say going out in a car is like "rolling the dice" today--because EVERYTHING is ice.

Thanks, I'll stay home. It's warm inside, we have plenty of food, and we can watch movies and hang out.
Here's the kicker: Hubby is currently in NYC, and they're supposed to have a storm the day before he's supposed to fly back home. Yeah. He packed extra underwear, in case his flight gets canceled. ;-)

I'm still sick. The aches and fever are gone, but now, my head is solid cement from the neck up. I want to kiss whoever invented this little Pump Spray of Salvation:

It is because of this stuff I can actually sleep at night. And yes, I know it can make me worse in the long run, so I only use it sparingly--not during the day, and only before bed. I discovered it a couple years ago, when I was DOG sick for my sister's wedding. It got me through the entire time. And I could BREATHE.

I hope everyone is staying safe and warm!


Anonymous said...

I drove to work. The side streets were awful but the main roads were driveable.

The worst part are parking lots. Walking into the building is treacherous.

Stay warm.

Devon Ellington said...

Feel better soon.

I'm grateful I can work from home.