Monday, January 03, 2011

Back To The Grind...And Then Some.

I always have this sense of loss, when everything goes back to normal after the holidays. No more trees and lights (well, after today, heh heh), no more holiday music, no more anticipation, no more palpable "spirit" in the air.

Everyone trudges back to work, back to school, the house looks bare again, and it's still cold and gray. Granted, now the stores will soon look like someone threw up red and pink hearts and easter eggs in them, but it's just not the same.

Everything just feels like...pppphhhhbbbbtttttttt.

Although I will say, I have a renewed sense of determination. A new year means new goals and a less jaded attitude. For a while, anyway. ;-)

And I always get into Organization Mode. I go room-to-room and organize, purge, minimalize. Because we accumulate so much stuff during the year.

Time to take those trees down! Happy Monday, all.


Anonymous said...

My tree was so dead, it practically broke in two when we carried it out of the house.

BTW, I do read your writing blog, but it won't let me comment. You're like me with goals - I start out like gangbusters but by February . . . well, not so much.

Anonymous said...

I sort of feel the same way. But we are going to Kim writing butt this year! I just know. And I hope this cones out bcuz I'm typing this on my phone! Haha


Devon Ellington said...

Usually I take down everything on the 6th, but because of the party and the company, it'll be later.

I feel a sense of "it's so empty", but this year, it's a sense of peace, because I can finally rest after the past few months.