Friday, January 14, 2011

School is IN!!!

School has been canceled for four days. FOUR. And during those four days, did I see any of my children doing any homework? No. Not once. Cut to this morning, and we have a two hour delay of classes (they should have just canceled school again because five days in a row is considered "natural disaster" and the kids DON'T have to make the days up, but NO, they didn't do that) and all of my children, every single one, got up super early and are currently poring over books and papers, feverishly completing their homework.

I mean, seriously? They couldn't crack a book open, even once, during the FOUR snow days we had?

As my daughter would say: "Whatevs."

Hubby's flight didn't get canceled out of La Guardia. He did sit on the tarmac for over an hour, waiting to take off last night, but he made it back to Charlotte only 40 minutes later than previously scheduled. He was so glad to be home, he didn't care. We're glad to have him back!

Today I'm getting the kids off to school (two hours late) and then I need to put the house back together. It's not super bad, just needs some help. I was sick most of the week and I wasn't able to do much in the way of deep-cleaning. ;-) Time to get hopping! But I will leave you with the trailer to the Green Hornet, because I'm going to see it this weekend! Have fun, everyone!


Devon Ellington said...

Tell me what you think of it -- it's on my list to watch!

The Bean Cassarole said...

Ours too! :-) Just saw Tron, and I actually enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Typical kids.

Anonymous said...

I get it confused with green lantern, too.

Are my kids copying your kids?