Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Three-Year Old is Scaring Me.

This is a conversation Thing Four (who is three) and I had yesterday, at breakfast.

ME: Eat your oatmeal all gone, sweetie.

T4: I can't, mom.

ME: Why not?

T4: Because there's a zombie in the house, and he wants to eat my brains.

ME: Oh, really?

T4: Yes. And I can't finish eating my oatmeal because I have to go find him and destroy him, before he tries to eat my brains.

ME: (trying really really REALLY hard not to laugh) Well, I think you need your strength to fight the zombie, so you need to finish that oatmeal.

He shrugged at me, and finished the oatmeal. But I could tell he didn't want to. I have to give him points for originality. I mean, when *I* didn't want to eat my food as a kid, I just whined. I never "made up" a reason. Or a reason that was so...creative.

Scary. Either he's going to be a REALLY good liar, or a really great WRITER.

I'm hoping for the latter. And I think I feel a migraine coming on, so I'm signing off.


Anonymous said...

Oh, no, Thing One. You were VERY creative. You had us laughing all the time. ;-)


Anonymous said...

I just sprayed coffee on my keyboard! Your son is hilarious.


Devon Ellington said...

Yeah, he's destined for the arts. Brace yourself!

Take care of that migraine.