Thursday, January 27, 2011

Not Much To Report...

Well, I did get SOME sleep. But of course I had to stay up with Hubby and watch the BYU Men's basketball team BEAT THE AZTECS!!! Woo! Jimmer Fredette is amazing. And yes, I have a signed jersey of his, courtesy of my BIL. Fredette is going to be an NBA star someday, mark my words!

Got Thing Four all registered for preschool yesterday. Hooray! (SOB!!! WAAHHH!) He's our last child so it was bittersweet. I tried to get a nap, but ended up getting stuff together for a writing contest. All is well.

The weather has been downright YUCK these past few days. Overcast and rainy. I guess it's better than snow, so I should just shut the heck up. We are going to be in the 60's this weekend, I am hoping the weather is turning for the better. My neighbors are assuring me this has been a "cold" winter. ;-)

Today we have more dentist appointments, and I get to see Thing One in her school play--they're doing "WICKED." And I'm going to dust off a manuscript I've been working on (but that's a post for the writing blog) and attack it with fresh eyes.

Tonight Vampire Diaries returns! I love how they have the new ads saying "Catch VD" everywhere. In RED. I mean, it's kind of a bad pun, but I get the humor. I guess non-VD enthusiasts would raise an eyebrow or two at the ads, but it's all in good fun.

Wow, the milkman is here early. I'd better get them in the fridge! And yes, I get my milk in those glass dairy bottles. Like how the 1950's milkman delivered them. I love it!

Happy Thursday!


Anonymous said...

"Catch VD"? Thats actually kind of disgusting. I don't watch VD, so that is why I'd think so. Maybe I need to start watching?


Devon Ellington said...

Milk in glass bottles always tastes better.