Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Thing Four, who is three, is the only one who didn't get sick last time everyone got sick. He remained healthy as a horse while the rest of us curled up like fetuses in our beds, writhing in achy agony with heads made of cement for a week solid.
Not Thing Four! He was SUPER TODDLER! Happy, healthy, and not a sniffle or ache anywhere.

So, to my extreme NOT surprise, he woke up last night several times crying, because his "nose was stuffy and he couldn't breathe." I finally advised him to open his mouth and breathe through it, and stubborn little nut that he is, he said he "didn't want to." But eventually he figured it out, I imagine, since he didn't suffocate in his sleep. ;-) This morning he's grumpy, sniffly, and cantankerous.

I'm a zombie. Not the flesh-eating kind that you see EVERYWHERE these days, but the walking undead from lack of sleep/dragging my heels/wishing for bed kind. And of course in an hour I get to run and register Thing Four for preschool (is it me or do preschools here fill up WAY fast???) and then I get to truck his older siblings off to the dentist, and RUN THEM LIKE THE WIND to school so Thing One won't miss her play rehearsal, and then I have to fax all our tax stuff to our accountant and turn in dry cleaning and THEN I'll get to collapse at home. And take care of my grumpy, sniffly, cantankerous three-year old.

I just gave him a chocolate chip cookie and shoved my iPad in front of him and told him he could play Lego Harry Potter. The Grump is gone!!! HA HA!!!

Well, as I'm off collecting my Mother Of The Year award, I hope everyone has a happy Wednesday. Keep dry! It's raining fishhooks and hammer handles, here in NC!


Devon Ellington said...

Keeping a sick toddler content deserved Mother of the Year award -- you rock!

Hope you can both nap later today.

Anonymous said...

I hope your thing 4 feels better. Hope you get a nap. :)


Aimee said...

Snow day for us! Hang in there, Zombie Girl.

Anonymous said...

At our house it was all about Vampires. At your house it is all about Zombies. :-)