Monday, October 26, 2009


I've got Thing One (a.k.a the Swine Flu Queen) quarantined upstairs. She has a pretty sweet setup. She's got a sofa with a flatscreen TV/DVD with Directv, a DS, an ipod, and her own bathroom. So, all the germs stay in one spot, and no one is allowed upstairs. She's got it made.

Except for having the Swine Flu, of course. I'm piggybacking Tylenol and Motrin every four hours for the fever, and she is doing ok..except her throat really hurts and she's coughing a lot. I'm trying to keep her as comfortable as possible. She's been in her room since Friday morning, and she's going a little stir crazy, but at least she has plenty to keep her occupied.

The best part is (I need to find some wood to knock on) the boys haven't gotten it yet. Thing Three felt warm yesterday and complained of a headache, but other than that we haven't had any high fevers. Maybe because I quarantined her early we isolated the germs? That's what I'm hoping. Plus we are all using hand sanitizer, washing our hands, NOT touching our faces (why is it whenever I'm upstairs dealing with her I suddenly get an itchy nose or eye? WHY IS THAT???) and I'm wiping down everything daily with Clorox wipes or spraying with Lysol.

Fingers crossed. Although it has put a crimp in today, because it's her twelfth BIRTHDAY! Happy Birthday Thing One! I'm sorry you have to have your breakfast upstairs away from us this morning, and your cake too. I'm sorry we're going to have to bring your presents to you and let you open them in your room. I'm sorry you can't go to school and I can't bring cupcakes to your class and embarrass you when they sing you "Happy Birthday" in the cafeteria at lunch.

I'm so, so sorry, sweetie. Get better fast!


Devon Ellington said...

Sorry to hear that she's sick. Fingers crossed that she's the only one in the house who gets it.

Was she vaccinated, or is there a shortage where you are, too?

Happy Birthday to her from your cyberpals! We're sending her excellent wishes that starting the year with this obstacle means the rest of the year is smooth sailing!

Lara said...

We had regular flu shots, but the
H1N1 vaccine still isn't available in our area. Guess that's moot at this point! ;-)

Lee Anne said...

Happy Birthday to Thing One. So sorry she has to deal with a painful throat on her day. She'll be well in time to go trick or treating Friday! Great job with the quarantine! It's challenging to keep them down.

Michelle Miles said...

It really sucks she's sick on her birthday! But it sounds like you have everything under control. I will keep you guys in my thoughts until it's all over. And here's hoping the other kiddos don't get it!

Lowa said...

So sorry to hear that she is sick. So many people we know have Swine Flu or are sick with something. One of the kids on Jock's hockey team was out with Swine Flu, but he is back now.

We never seem to get any of these illnesses. Watch, now that I say something, we will. LOL But honestly, my kids hardly ever get sick. Maybe once every three or four years and it lasts a few days. They are ALWAYS with their friends and going to weekly classes/sports and stuff...but no one in our home school group gets sick very often. I think we have all built up great immunities or something. Not sure what the explanation is. So sorry you guys always get so sick:(

Twelve, huh?? Crazy!