Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Can I Veto Winter?

Can I get a petition together and get signatures on it? I would like to rally to put Winter off, for at least two more months. My heat was running all night long (only because I don't want kid-scicles when they sleep) and that means it was BUTT cold last night. It was in the twenties, I just found out.

That's just not right, for this early! If we're supposed to have this "mild" winter like everyone is predicting, why is it getting such an early start? Unfair!

I sound like my nearly twelve-year old. But I'm honestly perturbed. At the weather. Yeah, I know.

I think I'm just grouchy this morning. Thing One decided to sleep with the baby (there's a queen bed in his room) and she must have snored or something, because he was bouncy and awake and ready to play at 4am. I wanted to die. Because I went to bed at midnight.

Thing One's basketball game was yesterday. They got spanked. It was the whole same thing as last year--one star player on the opposing team never sat out, and got the ball every time and sank basket after basket. Granted, Thing One's team held their own, but they lost by ten points. Thing One played well, she scored and had lots of key passes. I am proud of her. Every year she improves. But it always stinks to lose your first game of the season. Plus there was a lot of traveling and errors--it happens with sixth grade basketball!

I am NOT looking forward to the soccer game this saturday. I will be the shapeless lump on the field (because I will be wearing 8435 layers of clothing) with the thermos of hot cocoa, an electric blanket, hot bricks at my feet and pocket warmers. And a hot water bottle. The wind that comes off those soccer fields is RIDICULOUS. It should be a blast. (Yes, sarcastic pun intended!)

Help me.


Devon Ellington said...

The cats are so fluffy they're twice their normal size and, out at the track, the race horses have grown such a thick coat they look like Icelandic horses instead of thoroughbreds.

It will NOT be a mild winter.

Michelle Miles said...

Oh dear. Well it's muggy here. And still rainy. We are over our normal rainfall by 6 inches. I guess it's a sign of the season.

Anonymous said...

It's cold here too. It's been getting down to the 40s at night and upper 60s (gasp) during the day.