Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Creeping Chaos.

Mom's operation went smooth as glass. She's recovering well. Thanks for all the well wishes!

And I finally figured out why I'm grouchy. Irritable, even. Because living in a house full of kids is always...messy.

You know those paper towel commercial slogans: "Life's Messy. Clean it up." Well, it's the "Clean it up" part that really really REALLY gets on my nerves.

I seem to be cleaning up... a lot. Even with the kids helping. The house never stays perfectly clean. Chaos always seems to be around the edges, and if I don't keep up with everything, it creeps up, inch by inch, until it's HERE TO STAY and everything is a mess and I want to blow my face off. (That's Hubby's and my new favorite expression: "I want to blow my face off.")

I will be fighting this battle for the next 17-ish years. It's enough to make even the stoutest heart shrink, let me tell you. Why? Constantly keeping chaos at bay doesn't sound like much fun.

I stayed up until Midnight last night. I am so dumb. Shouldn't have done that, and now I'm going to be tired all day. Poor Hubby had a long day (he worked out at 5am) and didn't get into LAX until around midnight. Well, midnight OUR time. It was only 10pm on the west coast.

Poor Hubby. I can take a nap. He can't.

Thing One has her first basketball game of the season today, the 6th-grade team was so big, they split it into two teams, so the girls would get more playing time. Pretty smart, in my opinion. Although I'm not looking forward to dragging my very active two-year old to the game. I'll have to keep him in a stroller, and he's NOT very happy when I do that. Snacks and toys. Those are going to be the bribery items of the day. ;-)

Cross your fingers for me! But I guess it's okay if he screams, no one will hear him above the crowd. :-)


Devon Ellington said...

I feel for you! With the building a constant construction and destruction zone, trying to keep ahead of the dust and vaccuming and dirt and everything else is a never-ending challenge.

And I don't even have four kids running around! Just three cats, who are pretty neat and tidy themselves, although they do like to rummage.

There's no easy answer. For me, the writing comes first, but I also can't stand to have a dirty dish in the sink, so I use doing the dishes as plotting time, same with vacuuming, etc.

It's pretty much the only time I advocate multi-tasking!

Michelle Miles said...

I live with a man who is allergic to my cat, dust, pollen, etc. So I have to vacuum and dust a lot more than I used to. I HATE to vacuum and dust. But, alas, it has to be done because not only does he has allergies, he has asthma. And I don't want him to be sick all the time.

I have one child and keeping up with all the toys that creep into the living room astounds me. You are a goddess for even trying.