Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hubby came home safe and sound yesterday, and on Monday he leaves for L.A., again. Toy Fair. I had a lady at Cub scouts the other night ask me how I juggled things with a husband who traveled so much, and I joked, "well, when he's here it's still like he's not here, because he's working so much. The only difference is we can kiss each other goodnight."

:-) Poor Hubby. But we do get QT at night. Once the kids are in bed at 8:30, we can cuddle on the sofa and watch the DVR. That's our "together" time.

I have my class this morning (hooray!) and Thing Four has decided he likes going into the nursery. (I suspect it has something to do with the large plastic airplane-riders they brought out last week!) So, all is good.

My mom goes in for surgery on Monday, and I'm nervous and excited for her. Her health hasn't been the best, and this surgery will literally give her a new lease on life (pardon the cliche). I can't wait to see her improve and get healthy!

Time to shower and run run run! It's a half day today at school and I have a lot to pack in before they get home!


Lee Anne said...

I was in your shoes last week--my Mom had surgery--it's scary for us, kids. She did well and your Mom will too!

Devon Ellington said...

Best wishes for your mom.

Aimee said...

Send my best wishes to your mom for a speedy recovery.