Monday, October 05, 2009

It's Fall and I'm Freaking Out.

What is UP with me??? I am on this super-de-junking-organize-everything/toss-it-because-it's-just-stuff kick. Especially this week.

I think it started when Hubby left for L.A. yesterday, and I had some time to myself last night. After a few episodes of Gossip Girl (working my way through the second season) and an abundance of Cherry Coke Zeros, I figured it was high time I de-junked my bathroom cupboards and cabinets. And I needed to do it RIGHT THEN, because today is Garbage Day.

I think I threw away enough expired lotions/shampoos/creams/medicine/assorted GUNK to start my own spa. SERIOUSLY. Stuff I have been holding on to for years. (See my previous post where I lament my Pack-rat-itis.)

After that, it was midnight, and I HAD to rotate the clothes in my closet. Yes, I have to rotate them. Out with the spring/summer clothes, in with the long-sleeved shirts, jeans and sweaters. Oh, and I had to pull out all my boots. Long boots, short boots, mid boots, cowboy boots, you name it, I probably have them. And there's the tall spiky-heel boots I never wear because of an unfortunate incident with some soft grass on a soccer field I won't get into.

ANYHOWIWASHIGHLYCAFFIENATED, I collapsed into bed at 1am, with lists and lists of stuff I need to organize. Today? The upstairs closets. I have nine tubs of Fall decorations I need to break out this week, and it would be chaos if everything wasn't in its place. I need to GET GOING!!!

This house sucks. Well, in the sense that it has GREAT storage and I have filled it up! I need to THROW IT OUT. My garbage men are going to hate me these next few Mondays...

:-) Happy Monday, all!


Michelle Miles said...

HA! I did that this weekend, too! I threw stuff away from the bathroom cabinet that I'd had for years. What is UP with that? Most of it was becuase I didn't like the way it smelled. Why do I keep it? It is because it was a gift and I have guilt for getting rid of it?

Aimee said...

Your garbage men won't hate you. They'll love you. In fact, I may look for work in your neighborhood because it sounds like I might get some good stuff (well, maybe not the expired medicine) after digging in your trash.

Devon Ellington said...

If you're like this WITHOUT caffeine .. . . ;)

Good work, though. I've been so upset about the slaughtered trees I can't seem to get the oomph to break out the decorations.