Monday, February 23, 2009

Whirlwind Weekend

Whew. You know how you have those weekends where you run around a lot and collapse into bed exhausted at night?

Yeah, that was this weekend. As a stay home mom, the phrase "TGIF" really means nothing to me. What *I* really look forward to--are MONDAYS. So I guess "TGIM" is what I would say. As in Thank Goodness It's MONDAY!!!

Because on Mondays, Hubby and most of the kids are at work/school, and I can get the house back together from the weekend, and have some peace and sanity. Sort of. With a whiny toddler entering the "terrible twos" I'm not sure if peace will be achieved, but at least there's only one whiny toddler, as opposed to FOUR of them! ;-)

Thing Three's last official indoor soccer game was Saturday, and so we have a breather until Spring soccer starts up next month. THAT will be interesting--we'll be freezing our butts off. Oh, and did I tell you we had a blizzard Saturday and it was only ten degrees on Sunday? Eight inches of snow, and Hubby had to snowblow, twice. Because the high winds blew everything back onto the driveway.

Hubby was like, TO HECK WITH THIS on Saturday so we packed everyone into the car and went to Best Buy to "look around" and then we got dinner. So at least we got OUT. Winters here make you just want to stay inside and hibernate.

Then yesterday, Thing One spilled an entire gallon of milk (yes, the whole thing broke open and spilled out when she dropped it) ALL OVER THE BASEMENT CARPET. Hubby and I were screeching. Not so much at the spilled milk--but you know what happens when it gets in the carpet and DRIES.

The kids and I ran like the wind and got every towel out of the closet and put them all down, and we all walked over and over on them, sopping it all up. When it was mostly dry, I febreezed it all to death and pointed three fans at it. They've been going all night long. If my basement starts to smell like a dairy, I'm going to be VERY sad. That means we'll have to have all the carpet ripped up and replaced, and that won't be cheap.

Thing One will never run with a gallon of milk (she admitted she was holding it with ONE hand!) again.

I just hope I don't smell the "dairy" smell!


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Anonymous said...

Try some Woolite deep clean on the carpet, too. It sprays on, dries up and then you vaccum it, and it really gets deep into the carpet.

Febreeze makes it worse -- no matter what they advertise, it only covers odor temporarily; then the odor comes back more strongly, so that you have to use more Febreeze, etc., etc.