Wednesday, February 04, 2009

I'm Trying.

Honestly, I am. I am trying REALLY hard, not to get mad at my kids in the mornings before school. I sat them all down and had a talk with them the other day.

Me: Do you like it when I yell in the mornings?

Them: NO!

Me: Well, I have a solution. How about you all do what I ask of you, the FIRST time I ask it? Sound simple?

Them: (Squirming) Yes.

Me: Okay, then! Let's try it and see if it works!

So, yesterday was WONDERFUL. They all got dressed the first time I told them to. Brushed their teeth, even made their beds (when they usually wait until they have to be out the door and don't have time) packed their lunches (I make the sandwiches) and made sure their homework was in their schoolbags.

Cue to THIS morning, where I had to stop myself from raising my voice not once, not twice, but about SEVEN times because it was back to "normal" and they weren't listening.

Yeah, that lasted a whole day.

They call me "Brownie Mom." For those of you who haven't seen or read Spiderwick Chronicles, the brownie is this cute cuddly rodent, and then, when he gets really mad, he swells up into this bloated Jabba-the-Hutlike thing and screams and yells.

Nice, huh?

If they don't start doing what I say the FIRST time around, no amount of honey and crackers will help...

You can look that one up...



Michelle Miles said...

I am SO in touch with this!!!!!!!!!!

And I know what the honey and crackers thing references. :)

Anonymous said...

You laid out the deal.

They broke it.

There are consequences.

You wouldn't be such a great mom if you didn't teach them that there are consequences for going back on their word. And you're a great mom.