Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On Fire.

Yesterday was, except for the whole "spray-everything-with-Lysol-and -listen-to-Thing-One-complain-about-her-illness" thing, quite peaceful.

I was on fire with my story--I wrote 5200 words. I only have one or two more chapters, which I will finish up today (if it kills me) and I will be done with Book One. And I already have about 20K written on Book Two, since I chopped the first one in half. Woo!

So, spent most of yesterday living in my head, so to speak. Things were flowing, and the boys pretty much kept to themselves and were "good." Of course I had to pay attention to the baby, but he takes naps and likes to hang out with his brothers, so I had lots of time to get my words in.

I don't know what it is about having a kid with the stomach flu--but everywhere I go, everything smells like...poo. I smell it everywhere--on my clothes, in the bathrooms, it's like it's "in my nose to stay" or something. And I am the Lysol Queen. There shouldn't be any poo-smelling germs ANYWHERE. Yet, I smell poo. What is up with that?

Today is going to get VERY busy after school, lots of stuff going on, and we have cubs tonight. So I won't even be home until 9pm. Plus I have to have my first R.S. meeting and I'm sure they're going to throw a lot of stuff at me, so I'm nervous. But hey, guess it's time to "rise to the occasion," right?

It's Tuesday Toast Day!


Michelle Miles said...

WOW! You were on fire yesterday. YOU GO! I can't wait to see what you've done with the book. :)

Anonymous said...

Great work on the writing.

The Lysol only covers the smell temporarily, because you're using an artificial response to an organic problem. After using the Lysol, wipe things down with a mixture of castile soap and water with a few drops of peppermint oil in it. Also, if you've got any sage in the cupboard, boil up a pot of water with some sage in it and let it waft through the house -- it's an antibacterial, and will help kill airborne germs.

Flush some vinegar down the toilet, and also pour baking soda with either vinegar or lemon juice down all your drains -- do NOT lean over it, because it bubbles.

All of those will help disinfect, while getting rid of the smell. And you're using organic with organic, so it will react better and hold longer.

Anonymous said...

Eventually I would love to read something of yours.

The two I've read can only sustain me for so long dear sister of mine. ;)

That and I'm a big fan.

Sorry about Thing One, give her and of course the boys my love!