Monday, February 09, 2009

Had a really good weekend. Saturday was FIFTY THREE degrees by my house, and even though the line for the carwash was 20+ minutes, it was worth it to wash off the salt and dirt that I didn't dare wash off before because it was SO FREAKING COLD. Apparently it's going to be forties all week--although I don't dare think this is Winter winding down---we've had snow in May before. One can hope...though...

Went to Costco and did the big STOCK UP, it's a great feeling to have full cupboards and freezer again. Of course the only Costco we have is a 50 minute drive away in Grafton, so it was a several hour long trip when all was said and done, but highly worth it.

Sunday was quiet--church and football. Thing Two got two "C's" on his report card, and Hubby and I went into Operation That-Won't-Happen-Again Mode. We've taken away the Wii until the next report card (which really freaked Thing Two out) but now he spends his time doing Nintendo Papercrafts. They're actually very fun, once you figure out how to make them. You can go to and make little lovelies like these:

The kids have been making them all weekend. Granted, I have little bits of cut paper EVERYWHERE and my tape is all gone, but they are really having fun. And you can download the templates to cut out and make for free. How cool is that? A lot better than sitting in front of a TV with a controller and glazed-over eyes, that's for sure...

I got released from my calling at church. I've been the Primary chorister for nearly three years, and they had told me I would be in for another year (I'd like to think they couldn't find a music teacher as dynamic as me--I have GREAT visuals! heh heh) but apparently they've found someone for the job and now I'm going to be in the Relief Society Presidency. STRESS. I like teaching kids more than working with adult women. I've always had Primary callings, where I teach children. Always. I guess it's time for a change. I figured 2009 would hold a few changes for me, and here's one for sure.

Well, time to tidy up from the weekend. I didn't write--I think I've been so absorbed in the story, it was good to get away from it for a few days so I can attack it with fresh eyes. Besides, I had an epiphany about it while I was in the shower. Why do all my good ideas happen in the shower? :-)

Hope it's a happy Monday for everyone!


Anonymous said...

Most good ideas happen in the shower!

Don't you have any say in what kind of calling you land? I'm not familiar with how it works. Or are people shuffled around so that there's a wider range of experience for everyone?

It was gorgeous here yesterday, too, but it's supposed to dip down a bit again and then warm up a bit again.

Aimee said...

Congrats on your new calling. You'll be great. The old ladies won't be as funny as the kids though. ;-)

Jennifer said...

Good luck with your new calling. A new counselor was just called to our RS yesterday, and I was thinking how stressful that sounded. Yipes. You'll be great, though.

Have you read Shannon Hale's Book of a Thousand Days? I just read it for Fiona's lit group and loved it!