Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A Small Dilemma...

Yesterday was good--nice to get back into things. The baby and I ran errands and got some cleaning done (why is it the house seems to get REEEEALLY messy over the weekend?) and got a phone call from Hubby--he felt like crap.

He got the flu. I have to give him snaps, he stayed at work until around 7pm, despite feeling achy and gross all day. I told him he needed to come home instead of getting all his coworkers sick, but his excuse was that he has his own office with a door, so he wasn't "breathing" on anyone.

STILL...he's in bed right now trying to get up and shower. I told him as long as he's achy, he's sick, and needs bed and rest. He thinks he's feeling good enough to "go in." ARRGGH!

So, I have a dilemma. I've hit 68K on my YA story, and there's still LOTS of story to tell. 70 thousand words is a bit much for a YA novel, especially a first novel in a series. So I'm thinking I need to beef up the beginning, and cut off at around 55-60K and make what I'm writing now the SEQUEL. The rate I'm going, this story will be 85K by the time I'm done. That's way too much.

So, do I wrap up quickly and make the ending a copout--or do I really take my time with it and make it two books?

I'm leaning towards two books. I think I certainly have enough storyline to cut off in the middle. I think I'll mess around with it and see what happens.

Today is a bit crazy with Cub scouts tonight, so I'd better get going!

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Anonymous said...

Make it two books. You'll be much happier, and it will serve the story better.

Sorry your husband has the flu. That totally sucks, especially on deadline, like he is. Hope he can come back early today and then take tomorrow off.

Also, point out that if he's sick, he cant' think straight and he might make serious mistakes, so it's better to take the time off NOW and make it back up in a few days.