Friday, February 20, 2009

I Survived.

...being the Timekeeper at Thing One's basketball game last night, that is. Of COURSE Hubby couldn't come home in time for the game, so I had to beg our usual sitter to come watch the kids while I went--because being in charge of the scoreboard isn't something you can do with a toddler--a very ACTIVE toddler.

I got a "crash course" on how the control box worked from the school janitor, and I am happy to say I didn't make even one mistake! I was very proud of myself. And Thing One's team won!

I came home and Hubby had all the kids in bed, and he'd even read books to the baby before tucking him in. I was mildly impressed.

Now that it's Friday, I'm wondering where the week went? Huh?

Got my story printed up, and Hubby is reading it. I guess it's a good sign that he read TWO chapters before bed last night, instead of the obligatory "one." He could hardly keep his eyes open, but he made it through chapters one and two. Hooray! And of course Thing One stole the hard copy and was reading it before school, I had to wrestle it from her so she'd go downstairs and pack her lunch! She wants to read it too, which is good, because she's very close to my target audience range.

Today I have to buy water filters and heating filters. Funny how they all seem to go out at the same time. Have a happy weekend, everyone!


Michelle Miles said...

Your book is good and I'm excited to read it! :) Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

Filter gremlins -- hate 'em! ;)

The timekeeper experience is something you can use in your writing.

So glad the book's going so well!