Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I think I'm going to have a heart attack--I've been gone all morning on Dr's appts and church visits, and I just HAPPENED to glance down at my car's dashboard while I was driving.

It's SIXTY degrees outside.

I was like, HUH? Is it BROKEN?

It's actually 6-0 degrees! The sun is out. The winds are very gusty and strong, but the sun is out and the snow has melted, except for those big ugly dirty piles in the parking lots. WOW.

I'm not getting too excited. It will be twenties next week and snowing, mark my words. But I will enjoy today! Once the baby is up from his nap I'm going to take him outside!

So, I baked "no bakes" yesterday. And, to my dismay, they didn't turn out. You know, the recipe where you mix up cocoa and sugar and peanut butter and butter and vanilla and boil it and add quick oats and drop it on the wax paper, and it's supposed to get hard? Well, mine stayed slimy. They didn't get hard at ALL! Is it the climate? I used to make these all the time back home, and they turned out perfectly. But when I made them in Texas, they never got hard. And here, no such luck.

What am I doing wrong? I had to throw out the whole batch. My kids were very sad. I need a recipe that makes the cookies HARD. Is that so difficult? Maybe it's because I'm not very high above sea level...

Any suggestions?


Unknown said...

I made them a couple months ago and the same thing happened to me too! I used to make them in UT and sometimes they would be SO dry and crumble...the total opposite. I don't know if it's the weather or not.

I do know that if I boiled the mixture too long they would dry out. So maybe we're not boiling it long enough here? I'm always so scared of overcooking them though....it's a fine line, I suppose!

Michelle Miles said...

Hm. I've made them once, but they did what they were supposed to. Let me look up my recipe when I get home and I'll email you.

Anonymous said...

Just cook them a little longer..but not too long. :-) :-)

Same thing has happened to me.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could help -- I've never made no bakes.

The news keeps saying it's warm here, but I'm shivering, and when I look outside at the thermometer, it's a good 15 degrees below what the weather folk claim.