Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I guess I'll try the no-bakes one more time--and I'll boil them longer than the required "minute." But if they still don't work, I'll chalk it up to failure and my kids will never be able to sample them. *sigh* Thanks for the suggestions.

Hurriedly helped Thing Three decorate a shoebox last night and put together valentines with candy, because he has his Valentine's party today. Tomorrow is a half-day at school, and then the kids are off school until Tuesday. They're calling it "Winter Break." I'm a little nervous. Since we've taken the Wii away from Thing Two, he's going to whine about it the two days they're home.

I figured Friday, after parent/teacher conferences, I'd take them across town to the really BIG Half-price books. It's always fun to browse around. Besides, I have to get them out of the house for about half the day on Friday.


I finally folded. I called a maid service. Springlike weather always makes me want a deep cleaning, and I figured since the last time I had the maid service come and clean was September of 2007 (this is according to their records) I was due. I'm not going to lie. My house can get--overwhelming at times. Five full bathrooms with three young boys (and a man who, sometimes, in the middle of the night doesn't have the BEST aim) can get VERY messy. Even my daughter's bathroom gets...interesting. And bless her, she tries to clean it, but she doesn't do the best job.

I am only one person, you know. So, I am going to let FOUR people come and deep clean for six hours. And I'm not going to have any guilt over it. It will be a lot easier to keep up once they've done it.

I got really immersed in my story last night. Got the kids in bed, started editing, and found myself deep in the world I created. Then I hear hubby ask from the Family room "Hey, honey, are we going to watch some shows tonight?"

I had to tear myself away. It's our nightly routine, we watch two shows and Hubby conks out, and I write some more afterwards. But I didn't want to watch shows last night. I was having too much fun with my edits. Hazard of the job, I guess.

I can't wait to get back to my characters this morning. Alas, I have errands to run and an upstairs to tidy up before I can put the baby down for a nap and write.

Gotta "clean" the house before the cleaners come. Yeah, that's not a typo. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Don't feel guilty at all. You run an extremely busy household and you do it well. You're allowed to bring in the appropriate assistance to get the job done, just like any other professional. Everyone who has an office job, except the mail clerk, has an assistant. It's the way things get done efficiently.