Monday, February 16, 2009

And Here We Go Again...

So, last night stunk. Got the kids to bed around 9:30 (no school today) and worked on my story until around 11-ish, and collapsed into bed.

Cut to 1am--Thing One (who is 11) crawls into bed with me. "Mom, I feel sick. I'm cold and I feel like I'm going to throw up!"

She had the stomach flu a few weeks ago, so I think she's just being paranoid. I give her a Pepcid (because she normally has reflux) and let her sleep with me. Only she's not sleeping. She's sitting up, rocking, and complaining to me.

Then she's gone, and I hear the sound of her throwing up in my bathroom. MY bathroom. And it's nasty. She's VIOLENTLY sick, a few times. So, I'm confused. Didn't we JUST go through this?

I banned her to her own room, and of course she woke up the baby who started crying for me, so I had to apply liberal amounts of hand sanitizer and hold him for a while (while she kept getting sick in her bathroom) and I tried to get to bed, after Lysol-ing everything, but the baby woke up crying two more times, and I finally checked on Thing One and she'd fallen asleep on her bathroom floor.

I feel fine. Everyone else feels fine. WHY is this happening again? Thing One told me one of the girls next to her in school threw up last week, all over her chair, and I'm thinking "is this really happening?"

I have her in quarantine. We ALL had the stomach flu a few weeks ago, except the baby, and Thing One was playing with him a lot yesterday. So, I'm nervous. Babies certainly can't "run to the toilet."

Unpleasantness aside, I hope today is a good day. We worked like dogs all weekend to keep the house as clean as the maid service left it, which involved cleaning the kitchen FOUR times in one day, and vacuuming twice. UGH. Hubby is in New York now, so I will have my nights free to write, and finish my story. I WILL. I had a "flash" and the end just came to me last night. It's only a matter of writing it out. Yay!

I hope everyone has a good Monday. I will spend mine in fear of getting "Stomach Flu--Part II"

Cross your fingers for us!


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry she's sick.

Is it possible that she's developed a food allergy? I wondered why I was getting so violently ill constantly a few years ago, and it turned out I developed an allergy to shrimp.

It took several years to figure it out, but the food allergy caused the continuous vomiting that was more than the flu and continued sometimes every 20 minutes for up to 18 hours. And, I had that hot/cold/hot/cold sensation before each of it. It always seemed to come out of nowhere, but, once we started isolating different factors, we discovered that shrimp was the common thread. So maybe there's something to which she's developed an allergy?

Whatever it turns out to be, I hope she's okay soon and that no one else in the house gets sick.

Woohoo on the progress of your story!

Lara said...

You know, she was having "allergies" yesterday, itchy throat and swollen eyes--I gave her a Claritin and thought it was something in the air! I will check it out, thanks, Dev!

Michelle Miles said...

Hm. I would have never thought a food allergy, but maybe that's what it is. Write down everything she ate yesterday and see if it's something different. Maybe that will help!

Hope you guys don't get sick all over again. *crossing fingers*

Colin said...

Hope the wee one is ok again soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh God! Poor Thing One. It sounds awful. I hope no one else, especially the baby, gets it.